This collection is a meditation on life.

It is difficult to go through it without experiencing pain.  Whether it is physical, emotional, self inflicted or done by a third party, it still sets in, altering our paths and possibly ending our lives. The change can be subtle or distinct, but on either level it is something that we all have in common. 
  Some of these forms have been pierced just once, leaving a small, clean wound, while others were riddled by a violent force leaving them unrecognizable. They were forms once intended for nourishment, but with the ease of pulling a trigger, or lighting a fuse these works have lost their initial function. At a glance they have become disfigured and empty.
   It is my hope that with another look you will begin to see that they take on new function and purpose.

May they be a reflection of the fragility and preciousness of life. May they allow you to see the beauty of each others wounds and respect each others struggles.