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I don't remember when I started working with clay, but I definitely remember the first time working on a potter's wheel.


I was in high school, a point in time when my attention span was minimal at best and skateboarding received the lion's share of it. Little did I know, that my life's path would change forever after placing my hands onto the spinning clay.


 A surge of clarity rushed over me. It was an intense calm that required prolonged focus and thereafter became my daily meditation. 

In college my major was in photography, but by junior year I was in the ceramic studio more than the darkroom.


Upon graduating from Lesley College of Art and Design, it was clear, my passion was in ceramics. My professor encouraged that I continue learning and working over at Harvard's Ceramic Program, where I went onto strengthen my skills and develop as an artist.

After years as a TA (teaching assistant) and general staff member at Harvard I was given the opportunity to teach at MIT/SAA in 2012. 

As of today I have taught the MIT community for 8 years while also pursuing my own journey in clay.

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